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March 6, 2021 / Fantelius

For Fake’s Sake

In the 1940s marketing propaganda convinced millions of American mothers to use the “scientifically superior” industrial breast-milk substitutes instead of natural (primitive-like) breast feeding. After an untold number of children were damaged and killed, the mothers finally woke up to the realization that human milk was better for human babies than chemically manipulated cow’s milk. Surprise! Surprise!

That was some 80 years ago. Science and marketing propaganda have advanced considerably since then. Susceptibility to marketing propaganda however hasn’t. Billions of people swallow the hype that an unproved vaccination of a new super-scientific artificial segment of a virus wrapped in an artificial nano lipid coating will provide superior immunity to a virus than the natural immunity provided by a body that has succeeded in defeating a virus infection. 

Big Pharma’s vaccine-ploy to fool the body into believing it has been attacked by a virus works better (according to Big Pharma) than the body defending itself from a real attack. The (unproved) corporate remedy, we are told, is so much better than our evolved defense mechanisms that those who choose the pharmaceutical jab will be given a passport to live a normal life, while those who satisfy themselves with the supply of naturally produced antibodies will suffer social, cultural and economic consequences. This is not propaganda. It’s blackmail.*

For fake’s sake, Homo sapiens, wake up!

BTW, the artificial mRNA (a basic element of our cellular life) injected into our bodies  does not get broken down as natural mRNA does. It remains in the body and can cause all kinds of harm, including death, weeks, months and years after vaccination.

*Actually, it’s a lot worse than blackmail. But first you must wake up to the vaxx-scam, before you’re ready for that truth.


“No mouth is so small that it can’t speak a big truth.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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