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October 7, 2021 / Fantelius

Witwops, the New Wits

A wit is a clever and amusing person. While quite a few wits amuse us, they are outnumbered by their opposites; halfwits, nitwits, dimwits, fuckwits and the witless. I’d like to introduce a new category of wits: witwops (Winners In The War Of Possessions). 

Witwops are not only exceptionally wit-challenged, the term replaces outmoded terms such as emperor, king or nobility because these billionaire, corporate-commanding witwops are the de-facto rulers of today’s “democracies.”

Witwop Bill Gates, for example, took years after the introduction of the Macintosh to realize that a mouse might be a convenient way to control a computer. He still hasn’t realized that “Favorites” is not the same thing as “Bookmarks.”

Winwop Elon Musk thinks that overpopulation is a major problem, while investing in space tourism.

Winwop Warren Buffet once said, “Tax the rich!” as if he meant take from the rich. He didn’t. It was his way of threatening, “Just try it!” At the time, he owned 200.000 shares of stocks in Walmart, the company that wasn’t paying its 2 million employees enough to survive on without government subsidies, aka taxes from the employed people.

The ruling winwops want us to believe that reducing the taxes of a few super wealthy witwops while slashing services for the struggling great majority is good for the economy, as if their economy and our economy were the same thing. Should a few super wealthy witwops lose their bets on the profitability of criminal activity, the great majority must bail out (pay) the witwops because they are too big to fail. If the witwop drug dealers dressed in pharmaceutical robes push addictive drugs that cause 100s of 1000s of deaths, and admit it, they are too big to jail. The witwop economists can even sell stealing from the people as being good for the people under the title “Trickle-down theory.” The un(highly)educated people have great difficulty understanding how taking their money is good for them because some of it may trickle back.

The witlessness of the witwops knows no limits. They can initiate a war of aggression, the ultimate international crime, to prevent a country from using scary weapons that it doesn’t have. They can injected untried, unproven and poison containing liquids into young people who have zero need for them, and claim they are concerned about the health of the youth.

I can go on for pages about the anemic intellects of the witwops, but why bother? The “unmassmediated” (the missed disinformed) know all this. I’m merely trying to launch a new term.

Witwop! It has a certain suitably decadent thud to it, doesn’t it?


“All they can see is money. Gold tastes like honey.

No time for kisses, dummy. Just buy yourself a bunny.”

Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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