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January 9, 2023 / Fantelius

Part 2 – The Holy Force

Beside being all powerful, good, and ever-present, a truly holy force should harmonize with scientific conditions. Such a force cannot be stuffed into a human form. Super heroes are not super enough. The naked power of the holy force must be approached without the trappings of mythological settings, Hollywood’s fantasies or superstitious explanations. It’s time to come to terms with life.

Just as the story of Jesus tells us that a most insignificant child would grow to a power beyond an empire, life began as a most insignificant sub-microscopic piece of matter that would conquer the earth. That tiny piece of matter was probably Uracil, a molecule consisting of 12 atoms (4 Hydrogen, 4 Carbon, 2 Oxygen, 2 Nitrogen). Uracil is still with us, one of the most predominant elements in every cell of life. It is the smallest of the four basic molecules of RNA, the mother of DNA. This speck of the earth, thousands of times smaller that a grain of sand, began its existence at least a thousand million years before the evolution of a mature biological cell. The 12 atoms formed a ring and vibrated in a frequency that matched the frequency of light’s energy from the sun, and could thereby absorb some of the energy. Abracadabra! Life began.

Life is living energy, the union of energy and matter, energized matter. As life, living energy, matter no longer rests at the mercy of the forces around it, but can move on its own. Life moves. It lives. 

Science tells us that the Uracil molecule can absorb light’s energy, but I believe that it would be more accurate to describe the process as a blending of energies. The energy of light blends with the energy of matter to form a new type of energy, life’s energy. Just as hydrogen gas unites with oxygen gas to form the liquid water, light’s energy unites with molecular energy to form life’s living energy, the holy force.

Before explaining the unique quality of this force, we should take a look around us to appreciate its power. The first 12 atoms have, after a few 1000 million years, become 100 trillion atoms in every cell of every living organism; trees, grass, dandelions, bees, worms, elephants, mosquitos, sharks, snakes and politicians. That’s life! A force powerful enough to capture and transform the energy of the sun into uncountable forms of energized matter throughout the earth.
Life is the holy force.

A curious comparison
Uracil can be compared to the first line of one of the most famous books in the world. 
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” 
Is not uracil a miniature of heaven and earth? The earth is represented by carbon, a solid, surrounded by the gases hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen as heaven.
And then the Spirit of God said, “Let there be light (energy).”
Curious, isn’t it?

A curious blindness
If we search for a definition of energy (the ability to do work), 7 to 14 different types will be listed depending on the source. Wikipedia (2022-12-17) for example, names: mechanical; electric; magnetic; gravitational; chemical; ionization; nuclear; chromodynamics; elastic; mechanical wave; sound wave; radiant; rest (potential); thermal.

I’ve yet to find biological energy listed when describing the different types of energy. Why is biological energy excluded from these lists? Surely scientists must have noticed that animals have “the ability to do work.” Humans can even be designated as intelligent biological energy. Our experts and the intelligentsia either don’t see this or don’t feel it’s worthy to mention. 
Curious, isn’t it?

The cause of this curious blindness will be dealt with down the road. It’s now time to deal with the quality of the holy force, life’s unique energy.

To be continued …


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Dartwill Aquila



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