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January 17, 2023 / Fantelius

Part 3 – The Body of Life


E=MC2 describes the basic law of inorganic elements. E+M=L(ife) explains the nature of organic elements. Life is living energy; energized matter. When light unites with matter it produces life’s energy, which is as different from its two energy sources as water is from its two gas sources. The energy from life’s molecular matter is relatively weak, whereas the energy of light is relatively massive, but contains quantum tiny particles of photon matter. In other words, life began by uniting a little energy from a large bit of matter with a lot of energy from a little bit of matter. This unlikely union produced what may be a unique phenomena in the universe. Life! Living energy. A holy force.

A curious conception
A photon, a particle of light’s energy, is so small that some quantum physicists claim it has no mass. Quantum stupidity doesn’t exist but some people seem to have masses of it. In any case, life’s holy force seems to have been conceived when a (nearly massless) little photon impregnated a large circular molecule.
A tiny thought wiggles like a sperm into the egg of our imagination, fertilising the possibility of giving birth to new ideas.
Curious isn’t it?

Love and Truth
I have difficulty revealing the name of life’s energy, the holy force, because it requires a definition of a definition. Bear with me! Life’s energy can be called Love’s energy. ”Love’s energy?” What is love? If we strip away the layers of shiny abstractions, we find that love is a force of attraction and unity. Just as gravity is the energy that pulls us down, love is the energy that pulls us (and keeps us) together. It is the love energy of life that has gathered the matter of atoms, molecules and cells together in living organisms. Homo sapiens are the latest products of life’s entire evolutionary process of experimentation with 1000s of millions of different forms of living energy.
This is not metaphysical, merely metafantastical. It’s life!

The matter of life is as unique as the energy which holds it together and fuels its motion. The matter of life can be described as Truth, the solid, tangible reality of life. Truth, the matter of life, cannot move without its energy, and the energy of life, Love, has no form without matter.

Life is a holy force, a trinity made up of Life, (the body itself), Love and Truth (energy and matter). And this force lives within us all, along with life’s entire history written on double spiral of instructions for struggling to achieve the victory of love, the unity of good guiding the journey of life.
In the name of Life, Love and Truth, we are blessed.
Metafantastical, isn’t it?

To be continued …


“The trinity of the holy force within you,
will protect you through the darkness
and guide you toward the light.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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